Are you feeling frustrated, despite your best efforts, that your goals remain unattainable? Are you longing for a loving relationship, a successful career, a healthy body, and overall fulfillment? Let’s embark on an imaginative journey together. Picture yourself in a magnificent hot air balloon, ready to soar and manifest your desires. Now, cast your gaze downward and observe if there are any ropes anchoring you, hindering your freedom to ascend. To move forward in life, it is imperative to sever those ropes—not the fear of failure, but the fear of success itself. It may seem perplexing to push aside what we truly want, but remember, our struggles are unique yet relatable. Take a moment to identify any fears or obstacles standing in the way of your success, so you can conquer them and experience the exhilaration of soaring freely in your air balloon.

Here are 7 fears that may resonate with you:


– Fear of the unknown

“I’m uncertain about what it would be like to have a fulfilling relationship or a successful career.”

– Fear that success contradicts your self-image

“As an ordinary girl from Italy, what am I doing in an exclusive social club in California?”

– Fear of not being liked if you achieve success

“If I excel in my career, will people still find me desirable?”

– Fear of not deserving success

“I feel guilty because I once stole money from my parents.”

– Fear that success comes with undesirable consequences

“If I advance in my career, I might not have enough time to spend with my family.”

– Fear that outshining your parents will affect their love for you

“I don’t want my father to feel inferior.”

– Fear that pursuing success is fulfilling your parents’ wishes

“I’m resentful because they neglected me during my childhood. To rebel, I won’t pursue a successful career.”


If you’re ready to embrace your true self and manifest your desires, envision yourself in that beautiful air balloon. Feel the weight of your fears of success effortlessly slipping away, enabling you to ascend. Look below and appreciate the lush green meadow, the majestic mountains in the distance, and the serene blue sky adorned with fluffy white clouds. Embrace the freedom and possibilities that await you as you embark on this transformative journey.